Frequently Asked Questions

Product Info

• What is SOW-Aid®?

SOW-Aid® is a microbial rich liquid concentrate that is naturally derived from organic material. SOW-Aid® has proven to increase crop yield, aid in the renewal of nutrient deficient plants, and help with the retention of water. SOW-Aid® can be used in many different ways. Typical usage would be for Potted Plants - Bedding Plants - All Flowers - Vegetables - All Trees - Shrubs - Annuals - Perennials – Herbs. See the SOW-Aid® section for uses and ideas.

• Is SOW-Aid® a fertilizer? The definition of a fertilizer in Oregon might vary from other states. From the Oregon Department of Agriculture website. "Fertilizers are any substance or any combination or mixture of substances that is designed for use primarily as a source of plant food…and that contains five percent of more of total nitrogen (N), available phosphate (P2O5), or soluble potash (K2O), singly, collectively, or in combination."-ODA
With this in mind SOW-Aid® is not technically considered a fertilizer since the combination of N-P-K is not more than five percent.

• How do I use SOW-Aid®?
Please review our SOW-Aid® section for more detail about how to use this product.

• Does SOW-Aid® expire?
SOW-Aid® does not necessarily expire, considering it is a biologically stable liquid. However, there are certain biological ingredients that will decrease after time.

Product Info

• What is SOW-Amend®?

SOW-Amend® is a microbial rich soil amendment that is naturally derived from organic material. SOW-Amend® has proven to help retain water, increase microbial life in the surrounding area it is laid, and aid in the renewal and replenishment of vital topsoil. SOW-Amend® can be used in many different ways. Typical usage would be for Potted Plants – Raised Garden Beds – Transplanting Plants – Ground Covering – Landscaped Areas – Chemical Degradation. See the SOW-Amend® section for uses and ideas.

• How do I use SOW-Amend®? Please review our SOW-Amend® section for more detail about how to use this product.

• Are there testimonials or proven results? SOW-Aid® and Sow-Amend® have both been used on multiple local farms in the Portland Metro region. Results have proven to be beneficial on multiple levels such as water retention, increased crop yield, less disease or powdery mildews, increased organic matter, nutrient rich crops.

• How do I use SOW-Amend®? Please review our SOW-Amend® section for more detail about how to use this product.

Company Info

• What does SOW1FARM stand for?

Saving Our World, 1 FARM at a time!

• Are you currently hiring?

No, due to reaching our maximum of food waste collection we are not currently hiring at this point. We will however be hiring when we expand to our next facility. Feel free to send in a resume if you feel you would be a good Barrel Boy or Barrel Girl and we’ll reach out to you when we have positions to fill. Thanks for thinking about joining our team.

• Do you do tours of your facility?

We love to have people out to our facilities to show them more about our process and teach them a thing or two about food waste. Feel free to contact us for more information.

• Why does SOW1FARM direct market? SOW1FARM decided to use direct marketing for 1 reason, to connect face to face with the customers that use our products so we can educate all while telling our story. We won’t call you unless you call us first, we won’t send you useless amounts of emails, you won’t receive wasted paper mail, and we won’t ever give your information to anyone. This is all because we believe in a strong customer relationship management system.

• What does SOW1FARM do for our community?

Here is just a brief list of how we help our community.

  • Education Curriculum and Educational Field Trips
  • No wasted food in our communities
  • Increased community organic gardens
  • Permanent jobs
  • Progressive lobbying for No Food Waste communities
  • Working with HOA’s and Community Associations
  • Decreased water usage
  • Decreased usage of hazardous chemicals

• Does SOW1FARM compost?

Technically we don’t compost, we Ferment Anaerobically. Here is the difference:
Takes roughly 60-90 days to have ready material from beginning to end.
Constant management of correct Carbon, Nitrogen, Oxygen & water levels.
Reduces 100% of the material to roughly 60%.
Large volumes of greenhouse gas emissions are released into the atmosphere.
Malodor from the aeration of compost piles.
Rodent population increases, due to open air composting.
Ferment Anaerobically
Takes 7 days to have ready material from beginning to end.
No active management necessary, set it and forget it!
100% of material is recovered, which leads to more material to use.
No greenhouse gases released into the atmosphere, due to anaerobic process.
No malodor, due to 99% of the process being containerized.
No rodent population.

Service Info

• Can you take my businesses food waste?

Not at this time. We currently have a waitlist for this service. We are exploring the options of additional facilities to increase the amount of waste we can pick up.

• Do you take all types of food waste?

Yes, our recovery methods allow for 100% of all food waste to be collected and recovered in to new products. Examples of food waste we DO take: Vegetables, Meats, Bones, pre-consumer, post-consumer, dairy, and fish.

• Where do you get your food waste?

SOW1FARM collects food waste from local businesses, schools, organizations, churches, cafeterias, restaurants and more. We guarantee to provide you with a great clean service of food waste recovery.

• How do I order or order again?

We’ve decided to feature a quick order button (coming soon!) on our website to benefit those of our customers that frequent our website to see what’s going on with SOW1FARM. Although our primary way of reaching our customer base is through direct marketing to educate and help our customers, we are adding this to make it easier for you to get your favorite gardening products. Feel free to give us a call (661)565-5433 or email at info@sow1farm.com for a quick order with next day free delivery or same day delivery if ordered by 10am.